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RINOO covers a number of wealth and welfare projects in different countries



Papilio Reusable Menstrual pad is a very comfortable but money-saving product, made from high quality fabric.

In many African communities, up to 60% of girls are struggling to stay in school due to period poverty.

To address this issue of period poverty and other menstrual hygiene challenges faced by young African girls and women around the continent, PAPILIO, a reusable menstrual pad brand which was launched first in the Southwest Region of Cameroon and has extended to three other African counties in the past four years: Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Uganda.

To understand the unique challenges faced by schoolgirls in relation to their menstruation, RINOO in partnership with ROYALTY WORLD, came up with the RESTORE HER DIGNITY CAMPAIGN that has been able to reach close to 15.000 adolescent girls with menstrual health education.

Through our visits to schools, seminars and many outreaches, we realized that one of the major issues surrounding menstruation is that it remains a taboo subject in our communities.
Most girls, even those from middle class families don’t have constant access to menstrual pads. Either they are shy to ask or the money is simply no enough.

More than 70% of the girls we walked to have never used a sanitary pad. They depend on toilet tissue, rags, old newspapers and even grass. Because of this, the chances of them staining their uniforms and clothes are very high, given also the absence of female-friendly toilets in school and public places. For this reason, they skip school because it is easier to handle these challenges at home, out of the unfriendly public scrutiny.

For girls who are familiar with disposable sanitary pads, they can’t afford them on a monthly basis and so most of them engage in transactional sex for the purpose of getting money to buy menstrual pads, with the inherent risk of getting pregnant.

To provide these girls with affordable and permanent alternatives, RINOO  will provide these girls with reusable pads they can depend on to have their periods in dignity.

Beyond the education, we have opened a tailoring workshop that currently employs over 20 permanent and 30 part-time workers (mainly single mothers) dedicated to the production of menstrual sanitary pads. So far, we have produced over 60.000 Papilio menstrual pads (August 2021). The pads produced from cotton, technical waterproof fabric and absorbent microfiber ensure that users stay healthy, dry and comfortable during their period.

The single mothers, producing these pads, earn a decent wage, have paid leave and a social security. Papilio is therefore not only providing a solution to period poverty, but also employing vulnerable women who otherwise might end on streets in order to survive.

To us, Papilio is not just a product, it is a bridge where the conversation that will end the menstruation taboo starts. Menstruation is not a curse, It is where life actually starts.

Research and Development of the pads by Hanne Decloedt, Gent - Belgium. (

Royalty World DAYCARE

To empower teenage mothers and pursue their dreams

A full-time daycare for children aged 0-3 years.

An after school study program for primary school kids below 11 years of age

Study space for secondary, high school and university students.

Created with a grant from "PROVINCIE OOST-VLAANDEREN - Belgium";  launched February 2022.


Micro Credit

Honorine's shop was demolished and she found herself on the street with no income and five children to raise.
RINOO invested in the rental and start-up of a new store..

The project was completed in May 2022


Micro Credit

Part of THE loan, HONORINE invested in a couple of pigs.

A second pig farm was build by DAVID, a very ambitious guy

Both project were completed in 2021/22


RINOO is investing in sensitization young GIRLS and BOYS in (menstrual) Hygiene, sexuality and relationships.
RINOO is cooperating with PLAN INTERNATIONAL to train young girls in pads sewing, entrepreneurship skills 


Micro Credit 

Colette started a chicken farm and achieved very good profit until the corona crisis halted all supply of chicks to Cameroon.

She switched to rabbits and quail.

Scholarship Program

Our local partner, ROYALTYWORLD, has set up an extensive scholarship program.
The program is supported by the income from  PAPILIO sanitary pad production.
For the 2022/23 school year, the number of scholarship students could be doubled to 121 young people thanks to MENDEM Foundation and the 'Career Parents Program'


Micro Credit.

An innovation based social enterprise, a maker space, tech lab, digital creative art workshop and co-working facility.
Empowering young entrepreneurs ventures for wealth creation, assisting young persons to acquire employable skills in technology, digital creative art, and entrepreneurship.


Replacement of the CALABAZ-lamp

To replace the fragile Calabaz-lamp, a new lamp was developed for rental in the solar kiosks of "SOLAR WITHOUT BORDERS".

The Led-lamps are a cheap and clean alternative to kerosene lamps.


Development of a SOLAR KIOSK KIT

To internationalize the solar kiosk project of "Solar Without Borders - SOLERGIE", a 'Kit Solar Kiosk' was designed.
The kit is operational in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, DRC and Kenya

Structure Overview

RINOO Belgium

For over 25 years, 4 private apartments have been providing accommodation to people with a migration background, people in supervised housing, young adults whose supervision has expired, ...

A non-profit organization "RINOO lighting-Lumière" was founded as a result of a close collaboration with the project "SOLAR WITHOUT BORDERS - SOLERGIE".

RINOO developed a special LED lamp which gave the Energy Kiosks a new boost.

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RINOO Cameroon

A wide variety of projects were started with the common goal of giving people opportunities to develop their talents and build a better wealthy and welfare life.

The driving force behind these projects is the local non-profit organization "ROYALTY WORLD" with Doris NGUM as its figurehead.

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The projects are locally anchored in a recently established company "RINOO CAMEROON Ltd".

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RINOO Sierra Leone

Mariatu started her menstrual hygiene project during university when she noticed that adolescent girls have little or no knowledge about menstruation.

She is so passionate in this cause and, at the age of 27, she wants to lead the period movement in Sierra Leone.  

However she is very young, she yet has realized a wide range of actions with her associotion:

‘Resilient in Empowerment and Advocacy for Life Skills’ association (REALSL - @ResilientSL).