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Women have always been and remain the deciding influence on the quality of life and wellbeing of their families and communities. This task becomes very difficult when a woman or girl is unable to access resources.

Single and teenage mothers find it difficult playing the role of primary caregiver and breadwinner of the household. Often, they are forced to abandon their jobs or school to take care of their kids. This has far reaching effects; increased inequality and discrimination, low levels of education, low standards of living, inability to access health services, and inability to access education for children.
The Royalty Daycare center is a sustainable plan to have single and teenage mothers pursue their dreams and become empowered. It was birth from the fact that we saw working mothers struggle with their babies at their job site. Some even went as far as leaving work for a few months or years to be able to cater for the babies until a certain age before they got back to work.  


The purpose of this service is to help the children attain good and excellent grades in school and to help them generally by educating them in other aspects of life, to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

We also create a platform to exchange with children and help them express their fears and joys through artistic performances.

Working in the community, we saw that most kids did not have conducive study space in their homes and others did not have the privilege to go to school. We resorted to using the daycare space in the evening to offer remedial classes to these children to boost their performance and have them acquire basic literacy skills like reading and writing. Our scholars equally use this space to study, and this has greatly improved on their performance in school. 

The young people are supervised by a team of 3 college teachers and 1 primary school teacher.